Metal Prints

metal print by fetchlight pet photography san diego

• Modern: Unique material, very reflective and lightweight
• Convenient: Ready-to-hang, a float block is attached to the back with pre-drilled hole(s)
• Eco-friendly: Recyclable aluminum
• High-quality: The latest in dye sublimation processing, incredibly vibrant color reproduction, durable, UV resistant, waterproof (As with any work of fine art, do not hang in harsh, direct sunlight.)
• Custom corners available, see the Aussies in a truck photo above
• Sizes start at 11×14 and 12×12 up to 40×60, email me for a PDF catalog with sizing and pricing info, or see the Client website and request the password.
• See Pinterest board for wall art shape, size and grouping ideas!

Fetchlight Pet Photography San Diego metal print


New for 2013: Black and white sheer metal prints

If you have black and white images hanging in your home and want to add matching wall art to the same room or gallery wall, I have introduced a solution for you! The metal surface shows through the lighter areas of the photo, which adds dimension and interest to your pet’s photo and will impress your visitors!

Sheer metal print, Fetchlight Pet Photo San Diego









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