Frequently asked questions about Fetchlight

I usually like to keep all Fetchlight content happy and positive, but you’ll see a lot of “no” answers to the most common questions I’m asked, below. Sorry to be so negative! This business is very specialized and constantly evolving, thank you for understanding!

Will you take photos at my event, have a photo booth, takes photos with Santa, etc?

Nope. I do not take photos at events or of events, never have and never will. If I happen to attend a pet event, I’ll take a few snapshots with my phone for social media, but you won’t see my professional camera with me at events, which are a much-too-hectic atmosphere to create the kinds of quality images you see on this site.

Can I use one of your photos on a product I am selling, on an advertisement for my business (including websites and social media), or in my magazine or blog?

Possibly. Please familiarize yourself with buying commercial and editorial photography before contacting me about purchasing a license to use my photo(s). If you’re not familiar with licensing, it’s like renting a photo for a specific use.

Please read before emailing me about using my work for free: Fetchlight is a business, its products and services have value. I have been in business for many years, with a college education in this career, and started this business after professionally photographing pets for one of the biggest pet brands in the world. Please do not ask any professional photography or media business…actually, please don’t ask ANY business if you can use their work for free on something you are going to make a profit on. You may not realize it, but it is very disrespectful to try to make money on someone else’s work, without paying to use their work.  This is unfortunately very common in any creative profession. Creative businesses are businesses, too! Thank you for understanding! 

Will you take photos of my dog for my Facebook/Instagram/Christmas cards/etc.?

Thank you for your interest, but…no. From 2011-2016, the purpose of pet parents having a Fetchlight photo session for their pet was to create art for their home, which would make them happy every day when they see it on their wall. It was more like an art business that used photography to create the art, if that helps to explain it. Cards and some digital images were available once art was purchased. As of January 2017, the only shoots for pet parents available are for people holding gift cards which say “Custom Session ($350)” on them. Fetchlight is transitioning into a media and marketing business for pet businesses. There are many, many other great photographers for pet parents in San Diego to choose from, don’t worry!

I had a Fetchlight photo session a few years ago, can I still purchase art and gift items from that session?

Yes! In 2017 I am still offering art and gifts purchased from past photo sessions, and am in fact working on a new catalog with a few new gift items as rewards for people who have purchased or are also purchasing artwork. See a few of them here.

Will you donate to my fundraiser?

I no longer have anything to donate to fundraisers, since Fetchlight is now concentrating on helping pet businesses and not pet parents as in the past. It is usually pet parents attending fundraisers. In past years I donated about $10,000 worth of gift cards to many charity auctions and raffles for pet rescues and causes, so I feel I have helped a lot already! Good luck with your fundraiser and thanks for helping pets in need!

Contact info@fetchlight.com with any questions not answered here, thanks!