Pet Photography for Businesses, Commercial Pet Photography

If you own a pet-related business and need photography for your marketing and advertising, I hope these resources are useful to you.

Please note that I don’t photograph events, or take photos at events.

Fetchlight Commercial Pet Photography Portfolio Custom pet photo shoots for specific businesses.

Fetchlight Commercial Use / Stock Photo Licensing Galleries Using existing Fetchlight photos for your marketing needs.


Educational links about buying commercial photography:

Usage is indeed a bit tricky to explain, since it isn’t a part of the photography most people have experiencing buying (personal portraits, wedding photography, etc.). Usage is sometimes referred to as licensing. Think of usage costs reflecting the amount of exposure/viewers a particular image may receive. The more exposure, the higher the price, such as why TV ads shown during the SuperBowl cost much more than TV ads only run on a local network during a low ratings time of day. Here are a few educational links that may help. Most are geared toward photographers instead of photography buyers, but I hope they are still helpful:

Usage: On your website, social media, print flyers, packaging…where the photo is being used, and how many people will see the image.

Usage Duration: 2 years seems appropriate before you’ll want to freshen up your website or have different/modified products to show, I can contact you near the expiration date to see if you want to talk about licensing the images for more usage time or if you want new images shot at that time.

Exclusive use: If you want to purchase photo usage rights for exclusive use, that means I won’t sell/license the images to any other companies, though the images may be used for my self-promotion after you give the OK. I will check with you before publicly showing any of the photos, to make sure your website is the first place the images appear.