Tawny’s Story

You may be familiar with seeing my orange foxy dog, Tawny, and she has quite the story!

She was hit by a car as a puppy and arrived at the shelter, with both back legs broken and one of them de-gloved. Aussie Rescue got her out of the shelter and took care of her, including finding a vet that performed experimental skin grafts on her de-gloved leg, which worked! She did not need her leg amputated as previously feared. I heard that Tawny was a very brave girl, quietly licking peanut butter out of a Kong while her bandages were replaced daily. Tawny now has no problems walking or running and apparently was climbing the rescue’s fence even with her “chopstick” legs still in casts.

Tawny’s first trip to Balboa Park, her sad leg, and her cute face trick

After she healed, Tawny had several different homes and kept going back to the rescue. She has pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) and will need always need medicine on her food in order to absorb the calories and nutrients. (2015 Update: Tawny was diagnosed with Addison’s disease this year as well, so will always need a daily pill and monthly shot to keep that stable.) Tawny also likes to hunt and chase animals, and barks like crazy at dogs on-leash, so you can see why it took a while to find a home for her.

When I was looking to adopt a dog I found a link to San Diego Animal Support’s videos on San Diego 6, and there was Tawny!  She was two years old then. That was also how I met the wonderful people at Aussie and Others Rescue San Diego. Tawny didn’t like my previous neighbors or their dogs living and walking very close to our apartment, but I found a new apartment behind another building with less foot traffic nearby, and it all worked out for us! Tawny now enjoys barking at the cats who recently moved into the windows across from my front door. Every time we leave or enter the apartment. Oh, Tawny.

Tawny’s first photos! In the apartment she didn’t like.

The most frequent question I hear about Tawny is what kind of dog she is. She hasn’t had a DNA test, but likely guesses are Pomeranian and Chow and more! Her favorite foster mom liked to say that Tawny was a Golden Retriever/Fox mix, which is pretty funny. The second most frequent question is how old she is, thinking she’s a puppy, but she’s about four years old now.

Mid-yawn, half black tongue! Tawny has to wear her funny hat/cone sometimes to keep her from climbing and slipping through the fence. Tawny is usually nice when we are visiting puppies at Aussie Rescue even when they think she’s her mom and she look super awkward! How does she know they are puppies and not small dogs or animals to hunt?

Random facts about Tawn-Tawn: She loves carrots, jumping on fence walls and walking on them along side me like a cat, stuffed animals to gnaw on, and barking. She is about 25 pounds, smaller than she looks in photos. She is super sweet to most people, despite how crazy she acts when she sees another dog. Tawny was the inspiration for the Fetchlight logo and the orange color in the branding. She dug up a deck-like area at the rescue when hunting a skunk, and goes crazy in Balboa Park’s squirreliest areas (including an infamous tree-climbing incident). Everyone’s favorite Tawny trick is her cute face when you pet her belly: she covers her face with her paws. Adorable.

Tawny being a good girl visiting Aussie Rescue, Tawny’s Halloween costume, Tawny’s fur gets crimped when wet

So if you see us on one of our frequent walks around San Diego in Little Italy, Downtown, Banker’s Hill or Balboa Park, Tawny would love to meet you! (Unless you have a dog with you, in which case, Tawny would like you to just wave at us across the street, thanks!) If any of Tawny’s friends have stories about her, I’d love to see them in the comments below!

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