Spotlight on Wag’N Tails in Coronado

wagn tails coronado pet shop san diego dogCoronado is a beautiful (almost) island in the San Diego Bay, and every time I drive over that curving blue bridge it feels like I’m visiting a vacation paradise! Coronado is super dog-friendly and has one of the prettiest dog beaches in the area, so you could easily spend a day, weekend, or lifetime exploring this laid-back beach town with your dog.

Wag’N Tails is a pet boutique and dog wash on Orange Avenue, the “main street” of Coronado. Wag’N Tails owner Melanie Parks is very supportive of local businesses, I truly appreciate all the support she has given my business over the past five years.

About Wag’N Tails

945 Orange Avenue, Coronado

Wag’n Tails was founded in 1999 by Scott and Heather Grimes, and it was purchased by frequent customer Melanie Parks in 2005. The shop carries a variety of products for your dog and cat, thoughtfully hand-picked by Melanie and 95% made in the U.S.. Make sure to look up as you enter the cottage-like storefront, to find the dog beds and other larger products creatively fit into the 970-sq-ft space of prime Coronado real estate. There are several self-wash tubs in the back of the store, which can be reserved at the cash register counter for your dog, completing the “Eat, Play, Scrub” store motto. Wag’N Tails carries some of my favorite items, including Five Paw Dog Treats white bags, wafers, and decorated treats in the cash register display case. Melanie says the shop focuses on customer service and customer education, offering custom orders for anything you may not see on the shelves, and a generous return policy (you can return anything your dog doesn’t like… including treats). Customer education includes the extensive research Melanie performs to make sure new products are good for dogs before carrying them in the store. She goes to a trade show every year to look for new innovative products her customers would like with an emphasis on health-oriented and environmentally-friendly pet products.

wagn tails coronado pet shop san diego dog wagn tails coronado pet shop san diego dogWag’n Tails is a big sponsor of PAWS of Coronado, including their Coronado Pet “Parade” event in September, and the store supports many other community charity events and groups on and off the island, such as Coronado CARES and Baja Animal Sanctuary. This focus on rescue has been a big part of Wag’N Tails since Melanie took over.

There is a gallery of Fetchlight art for sale on the wall as you enter the shop, above the endless variety of fun patterned leashes and collars. I’m happy to share the wall space with my friend and amazing painter, Marna Schindler! wagn tails coronado pet shop san diego dog


About Melanie

Melanie Parks was a interior space planner in her pre-Wag’N Tails life, which can be seen in the efficient use of space in this well-organized shop. She is a pet enthusiast and educator who cares about pet health and happiness, creating the store’s tagline, “Comfort for dogs and cats”. Melanie advocates pet rescue and the adopt don’t shop message, embodied by her rescue dogs. “I am the proud fur parent of Cookie Monster (9-year-old mixed breed) and Porsche (3-year-old mixed breed). Both are rescues from PAWS and I am madly in love with both. I truly do believe they have angle wings buried under their fur (if you look hard you’ll see them.)” says Melanie. She knows a lot about pet nutrition, so don’t hesitate to ask her how to help improve your dog’s health. Melanie is now a new Coronado resident as well, shortening her commute time to the shop, enjoying the good life on the island!

Thank you, Melanie, for all the wonderful things you have done and continue to do for pet charities, the pet community, and pet businesses!

wagn tails coronado pet shop san diego dog

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