Asks: How Does My Dog Tawny Represent San Diego? recently asked me to write about how my dog, Tawny, represents my city. This was difficult because Tawny is pretty much the opposite of all the fabulous dog-centric things about San Diego! In this super dog-friendly town, I’ve adopted a dog who is not dog-friendly. (Unless she’s met the dog before and spent time with them. Sometimes.)

This post originally ended up very wordy and focusing on how Tawny doesn’t like water, or the dog parks, dog beaches, dog-friendly restaurants and more because of all the other dogs…but I like to keep things fun and positive, so I revised it! Here are some fun photos of ways that Tawny enjoys the best thing about San Diego: the variety of scenery! We have a city/downtown area, an ocean, mountains, desert, lakes, and more, all in one place! I usually take her with me when I’m location scouting for photo shoots, and while most of these photos I took with my phone and not my “real” camera, I think you may still enjoy them! How does your dog represent San Diego? Leave a comment and let me know!



Tawny_sandiego_dog3 Tawny_sandiego_dog4 Tawny_sandiego_dog5



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