Dog Art and Cat Art Sample Sale

Many of the Fetchlight art pieces that were hanging at stores and vets are on sale, since I am no longer offering photo sessions and do not need to advertise with public art. If you love pets and are looking for new home decor to make you smile every day when you see it, you have come to the right place! You can see all of the discounted dog art and cat art on this page. You can get free delivery to San Diego addresses using the coupon code “DELIVERYFREE”.

Here are a few of the pieces for sale:

Coco the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
24×36″ canvas, which was hanging at Wag’N Tails Coronado for several years.
This photo was taken in my favorite sunset photo location next to the Hotel Del Coronado.
Sale Price: $200
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Katarina the Senior Long-Haired Dachshund
24×36″ canvas, which was hanging at Three Dog Bakery Del Mar for several years.
This photo was taken in my best friend from middle school/high school’s yard in Illinois while I was visiting home one year. This spot is actually the school bus stop on the gravel road I lived on. KatDog was a wonderful dog who had a wonderfully long life and was still spry at ~15 when this photo was taken.
Sale Price: $200
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san diego dog photographer pomeranian eye pet photosPouf! the Pomeranian on Hillcrest’s Spruce Street Suspension Bridge
22×30″ canvas, which was a silent auction display for several years.
Pouf! was a model for one of my bridges project shoots, she is very photogenic! She has a very happy smile and pretty pink feathers in her hair.
Sale Price: $150
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Yuyu the black cat
Two 14×20″ metal prints, which were hanging at Market Street Vet for several years.
Yuyu, along with her sister Mimi (get it?), were my first photo shoot of cats. They were excellent models! Yuyu has the cat version of the Mona Lisa smile perfected, in the top photo. Her beautiful multi-colored eyes are on display in the lower photo.
Sale Price: $150 each

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Spike the Min Pin at Coronado Ferry Landing
30×30″ metal print, which was hanging at Wag’N Tails Coronado for several years.
Spike is a very serious model! He gave me his best stoic “blue steel” pose during a hazy sunrise over the San Diego skyline. This handsome dog enjoys spending time here at Coronado Ferry Landing, helping his dad fish on the pier on the background.
Sale Price: $250
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See all the art on sale here.

If you are interested in buying multiple pieces at the same time, contact me about a possible additional discount. 

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