Camp Run-a-Mutt Point Loma and the Valentine’s Day Doggie Brunch

I’ve seen promos on social media for this year’s Valentine’s Day Doggie Brunch at Bub’s at the Ballpark downtown, hosted by Camp Run-a-Mutt Point Loma and benefitting Second Chance Dog Rescue, so I reached out to the business owners and event organizers, Kim Granche and Lore Killermann for a interesting Q+A about their dog business and this timely event. Enjoy!

Camp Run-a-Mutt is shortened to Camp for much of the article. Photos courtesy of Lore and Kim.

What inspired you to open a Camp Run-a-Mutt? When did it start? 

Kim: Lore and I have known each other for a very long time, and dogs have always been a huge part of our lives. We were both searching for a more meaningful career when Camp came up in conversation. Lore had been looking at Camp as a potential career change, and scheduled a meeting with the franchise owners. We met the amazing guys who used their love for dogs to fuel a business idea, and we were hooked. Who wouldn’t want to work with dogs?  We’ve been loving the journey, going on 4 years!

One of the eight dogs adopted at last year’s Valentine’s Doggie Brunch!


What inspired you to start the Valentine’s Day Doggie brunch? How many years has it been going on, more info, etc?

Kim: This year is our third year doing the Valentine’s Day Doggie Brunch. Before owning Camp, I used to be a bartender downtown. The restaurant industry is a ton of fun, and I made so many wonderful friends there, including my husband! The company I used to work for owned Bub’s at the time. My friend Robyn, who was the manager there, reached out to me to see if I would be interested in partnering with them for this event. I do love doing dog events, but I always make it a priority to get a rescue involved. That’s when I brought in Second Chance, and Pawtopia Dog Training. We do a lot of events together, and we seem to make a great team!

Last year’s Valentine’s Day Doggie Brunch

Would you like to tell any stories about your favorite dog clients, funny dog things that may have happened at Camp, momentous occasions, etc?

Kim: This is tough. Dogs are so wonderful, there’s new stories everyday. I can say honestly say our entire staff really loves to see campers who are nervous on the first day, and then come running in the door a couple days later. It’s incredible to see their confidence grow and how happy camp makes them.

Tell me about your pets!

Kim: I have two dogs – Maya – food obsessed puggle who loves to sleep under the covers. Skippie – he’s a terrier mix they say, but I think he might be a llama/abominable snowman crossbreed.
Lore: Rosco is my 8 year old Aussie that was given to me and my husband as a wedding gift from my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law is the “mommy” to Rosco’s litter-mate, Amigo. Graycee is a 7 year old Weimeraner mix that joined our home a year ago. Rosco and Graycee are truly brother and sister!

What is your favorite thing to do or place to go with your dogs in San Diego? 

Kim: Both of my dogs love the dog beach in Coronado, and Nate’s Point Dog Park in Balboa Park. Otherwise, you can likely find them either at Camp or snuggled on the couch.
Lore: Both Graycee and Rosco enjoy being in a space where they can open up their stride and show-off how fast they can run. Fiesta Island is a particular favorite spot for this activity.

Sleep time at Camp! Where the overnight boarding “is what sets us apart from a lot of places. We offer cage-free boarding, where all the campers sleep together as a pack, and our staff snuggles up right next to them. We try to make them feel as comfortable as they would be at home,” says Kim.

Thank you Lore and Kim for all the great work you do for dogs, dog rescues…and for answering these questions and sending photos! Be sure to check out their event February 12!

(My dog Tawny went to this brunch one year with the famous Tucker Doodle, which is where we met Gunner the Basset Hound…ah, Instagram stalking in real life! Tawny says thanks to the bloody mary cart bartender for the bacon!) 


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